89up Labs

89up has industry-leading social data analytic tools which allow us to map influencers, tailor tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and website engagements, to amplify and enhance clients’ strategy and message.

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Software development

We develop new software to help organisations use technology to create social change. 89up Labs is an innovative place where changes in society drive the technology we build.

Digital Tools

Analysing data trends enables a more sophisticated approach to campaigning. 89up identifies where there is a potential audience, who may want to take action, and in what way they should be reached out to.

Online campaigns

Our custom built CampaignReply tool allows clients to create and run bespoke petitions and track responses from petition targets - a major innovation and nearly always essential for a legislative reform campaign.

Josh Feldberg

Josh Feldburg is the Director of 89up Labs.

Josh is a tech entrepreneur and is the co-founder of two startups: Responsive Sports and Rentify.

His background is as a digital communications and marketing specialist who's worked for some of the world's biggest brands, agencies, government, and NGOs. Clients have included: Unilever, Nissan, Budweiser, NHS, DfE, David Miliband, Damian Collins MP, the TUC and Unite. Josh brings vast experience in using big data for media planning and strategy.

Josh Feldberg


Anthony Nolan

We worked with Anthony Nolan to raise the impact of their #SaveALifeAt16 campaign.

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1 million Thunderclap

10,000 new supporters

100 MPs backed the campaign



We helped drive 1.6 million impressions for their TED video.

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1.4 million impressions


5 star satisfaction

300 new members



We developed and launched a custom built platform for a new political party so they could attract parliamentary candidates online.

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5.4 million impressions

25 candidates

1200 members

40% Complete (success)
20% Complete
60% Complete (warning)
80% Complete (danger)